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Closing the development gap for talent & middle management.

  • 1-On-1 & group coaching for both leadership & talent
  • Excel in professional & personal development
  • Thrive through unity in any work environment
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The leading coaching platform dedicated to empowering talent and middle managers.

Businesses and corporations are quick to invest in developing executives from the director level to the C-Suite… But what about the talent in the middle? Middle Management is where most of the bottlenecks take place in your company. And today, there’s a growing development gap between talent and leadership within the middle management workforce. And it’s negatively impacting companies more than ever before!

Using our AI-driven coaching platform allows us to provide a solution at scale. Our mission at Zella Life is to help companies thrive by unifying leadership with talent and middle management. By optimizing these workforce groups, we can help create a prosperous environment in any workplace. 

Accelerate team productivity

Investing in your team members with Zella Life professional coaching is one of the most effective ways to increase productivity in the workplace.

Crush company revenue goals

As your team grows, your company revenue soars! Crush revenue goals every quarter as leadership and talent collaborate and thrive together.

Develop new skills

Helping your team develop new skills means helping talent advance in their careers, while helping leadership expand your company!

Increase employee retention

Increase employee retention by creating a psychologically safe work environment where both leaders and talent feel valued.

How it Works

Discover our online coaching system


Take an assessment

Complete a 1-minute intake form to share your needs, goals and motivations.


Choose your coach

Select a coach that resonates with you and your needs.


Start your session

Book a complimentary session and begin your transformation.

Grow your business

From small to multinational teams, we provide impactful measurable coaching programs built around emotional intelligence.

Coaching for Businesses

Transform your life

Whether you are looking to achieve a specific goal or become your best self, coaching can help you discover your inner strengths and improve your sense of belonging.

Coaching for Individuals

Transformation is possible. Let's do it together.

Zella Life unites the skills and knowledge of our coaches with your drive and determination.