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Helping professionals of color grow and thrive

We are bridging the diversity gap in personal and professional development by connecting you to qualified coaches of color who understand your needs.

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Serving the entire BIPOC community

At Zella Life, we are more than just experienced coaches; we are a group of individuals from diverse backgrounds passionate about our communities and the impact we will create.

We see a world where our communities are healthy and thriving, and we are here to create the change we want to see in the world.

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The leading coaching platform dedicated to diversity

Our mission is to create an equal playing field for talented individuals of color by connecting them with high-quality, qualified coaches, who share similar cultural backgrounds and experiences. We believe when it comes to talent and communication, culture matters.

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Whether you are looking to achieve a specific goal or become your best self, coaching can help you discover your inner strengths and improve your sense of belonging.

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From small to multinational teams, we provide impactful measurable coaching programs built around culture, diversity, and equity.

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You don't have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great.

- Les Brown

Personal Growth Stories

Dealing with imposter syndrome and self-sabotage

An executive for a large mortgage company in the United States questioned the news of a big promotion and pay increase with her company. Because she did not have a degree and was nervous about being passed over for the promised promotion, she started to self sabotage her opportunity with the new position by not taking credit for projects that she knocked out of the park. She was nervous she would not do well in her new role because believing she didn't deserve it without a degree.

Because of her involvement, we identified every area where she deserved her new position, listed all of the completed projects, and identified several higher-ups from her department and others praising the results she was getting. When she saw all of the results that had her name on them, we asked her to look at her work as if it were someone else and evaluate whether or not that person deserved a big promotion.

The answer was YES. She realized she deserved the recognition and promotion and that the absence of the degree didn't take away from her results.

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Transformation is possible. Let's do it together.

Zella Life unites the skills and knowledge of our coaches with your drive and determination.