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It starts with the middle…

  • Behind every thriving company is a strong core: a healthy middle management workforce.
  • At Zella Life we help develop talent to increase bottom line by helping dedicated, hungry talent.

One common enemy: the disconnect between leadership & diverse talent

Many companies and corporations fall victim to the widening disconnect between leadership and diverse talent in the workplace…

A disconnect we like to call the collective trauma gap

According to Psychology Today:

“Collective trauma refers to the impact of a traumatic experience that affects and involves entire groups of people, communities or societies… collective trauma is extraordinary in that not only can it bring distress and negative consequences to individuals, but it can also change the entire fabric of a community.”

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And here’s what most companies DON’T know…

When collective trauma finds its way in the workplace, we found that it creates a widening gap between leaders and diverse talent. And it affects both sides in very negative ways! For example:

Employees of diverse backgrounds

may bring unconscious stress and trauma from racism, discrimination, and unconscious bias into the work environment -- which negatively affects their confidence and efforts to advance in their career.

Meanwhile, company leaders

become hesitant to provide open and candid feedback when managing diverse talent due to fear of cancel culture, potential defamation, false accusations of misconduct, and other career-threatening issues.

Both sides lack the emotional intelligence to communicate effectively.

As a result, this gap could lead to communication bottlenecks and tension in the workplace…

and can cause your company to make 38% less revenue than your competitors with more diversity!

“The essence of the beautiful is unity in variety.”

W. Somerset Maugham

Unlike other business solution platforms, we understand the inner workings of unity in the workplace and the thriving success that comes with it -- for both leadership and talent.

We attack the Collective Trauma Gap through accessible, 1-on-1 and group coaching for both company leaders and talent.

We’ve helped multiple companies rapidly accelerate organizational growth and dramatically increase company revenue and their bottom line. Our coaching methods help create an environment that makes it easy for diverse talent to thrive.

Now it’s YOUR turn.

Here at Zella Life we’re confident we can help unlock the full potential of your business organization and your employees.

That's why we handpick every coach on our team to help you navigate your path to success. 

We know the first step can seem both exciting and scary…

But we also know that this could be the start of something great for you!

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What is Zella Life?

The word “Zella” is Hebrew for feeling happy and blessed. And we believe when unity is created between leadership and diverse talent, you can achieve anything. Including the “Zella Life.”

Our Values

Diversity is our superpower

Differences are dope. Be authentically you while respecting and valuing others.

Be in excellence

Everything we do is at our maximum ability for the greater good of the company, our customers, and our teammates.

Be innovative

We think wild audacious ideas and goals into existence.

Never stop growing

Personal development is our jam. We coach about it, let’s be about it.

Be a conscious communicator

We have hard conversations from our highest version of self, with the understanding that feedback is information for opportunity to do better and be better.

Confident optimism

We believe in our ability to build a successful future that has never been achieved.

Meet Our Founders

Remy Meraz

A visionary leader and champion of human potential, Remy Meraz is the Co-Founder and CEO of Zella Life, a cutting edge coaching platform for diverse workforce populations. Throughout her career as an award-winning sales leader, Remy would often find herself as the only woman or person of color in a room, fueling the idea for Zella Life and her passion for leveling the playing field for underserved communities.

Meet Remy

Julian Lewis

Recognized as an innovative corporate trainer and leader, Julian Lewis is the Co-Founder and Chief Coaching Officer of Zella Life, the premier coaching platform dedicated to diversity. As CCO, Julian heads Zella Life's coaching division with proven success leveraging real life experiences and evidence based methodologies to affect positive change with individuals and organizations.

Meet Julian

Meet our coaches

Are you an individual who wants to level up in your work, life or relationships? Are you an organization interested in supporting your employees' development in areas of leadership, communication, or social dynamics? Our coaches can facilitate your growth.

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