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Enhance diverse talent & middle management with high-caliber professional development

Empowering your diverse talent and middle management workforce with emotional intelligence.

Did you know?


of managers are afraid to have uncomfortable conversations with their team members


diverse talent prefer a coach or mentor of a similar background

Sadly, most companies are blind to the disconnect between leadership and diverse talent, which leads to inadequate support in the workplace.

The biggest cause of the disconnect is the lack of emotional intelligence and awareness in the workplace.

As a result, companies are missing out on accessing the true potential of their employees, while leaving maximum profit on the table.

This is where Zella Life comes in

At Zella Life, we specialize in bridging the leadership gap with on-demand coaching and development for employees and internal team leaders. Regardless of the size of your team, we provide impactful measurable coaching programs built around culture, diversity, and equity.

Equal playing field for your talent

Our goal as a company is to help you recognize and harness the superpower of diversity for your workplace. Let us help you change the culture and conversation in your organization to create an equitable environment for all.

Develop diverse leaders

We’ll help develop quality, diverse leaders by cultivating soft skills like emotional intelligence, effective communication skills, and more. Our coaching services will deliver extraordinary results for long-term success in your business.

Accelerate organizational growth with promising talent

Infusing emotional intelligence into your workplace supports a thriving environment that heightens empathy for all employees, increases teamwork, and creates a competitive advantage for your organization.

Our methodology works...


of talent and leaders report increased performance and confidence with difficult conversations.

About 50%

of diverse talent coached received promotions, pay increases and recognition.


of individuals who planned on resigning decided to stay at their jobs and are actively working on internal career plans.


average savings per company in new hire costs (based on average cohort of five employees).

Personal Growth Stories

Dealing with imposter syndrome and self-sabotage

An executive who worked for a large mortgage company in the U.S. and without a college degree questioned the news of a big promotion and pay increase with her company. Despite her work and feedback from the department heads saying otherwise, she didn't feel qualified for it.

We had her detail all of her accomplishments. Seeing everything she had a hand in on paper, we then asked her if the work she saw in front of her deserved recognition and promotion. We asked her to look at her work as someone else and evaluate whether or not that person deserved a big promotion.

The answer was YES. She realized she deserved the recognition and promotion and the absence of the degree didn't take away from her results.

Monique B.

Vice President,

Real Estate

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Are you ready to transform your business with diversity?